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COVID-19 Update #5

COVID-19 Update #5

Posted May 08, 2020

As a sport we are working within Sport NZ and government guidelines to ensure the welfare of all our members is paramount whilst assessing how to keep the sports best interests in mind.

The overwhelming advice is to take the time to ensure you have processes in place for the requirements that you MUST do before resuming.

SportNZ advise the following scenario - “What would our story look like on the front of the Herald if something goes wrong? Would it show we did all we could and something just went wrong, or not?”

IHNZ recommendations in regards to playing hockey, club obligations at Level 2 are as follows:

  • You   MUST have contact tracing
  • You MUST have extensive hygiene practices – for both individuals and shared equipment
  • You  MUST be social distancing & have control in any gathering situations

Contact Tracing App:
These have been sent to all clubs as a resource to use but have re attached them here.

Contact Tracing Template:

Worksafe Safety Plan:
This is also attachedfor those with rinks & staff to help guide your preparations.
The SportNZ guidelines for Level 2 are also attached and we give the same caveat as SportNZ, that information is outdated very quickly. IHNZ will continually check  to ensure we have the latest requirements.

Checklist To Also Consider:

  • How you take payment from members/attendees
  • How you can enforce the individual hygiene requirements
  • How you can meet the hygiene requirements for shared equipment (i.e. hire skates, toilets, tables etc)
  • If you need to make changes to stop congregations at car parks or entry/exit points
  • How can you record the details for each & every person that is inside the venue (without causing bottlenecks to create congregations) 
  • Can they pre-register so you know who’s coming
  • How you can separate your spectators as well as your skaters
  • How can you organise your workforce/volunteers to ensure shared spaces are regularly cleaned
  • Can you create time so there is time to wipe down, clean/disinfect, reset & go again between groups of people
  • How do you need to adjust the use of space to enable distance between skaters (especially for learn to skate classes)
  • How do you need to adjust the recognition of learn to skate class advances to eliminate contact
  • If you have a café/bar, have you been through the requirements from WorkSafe

Please continue to enforce the “If you are sick, stay at home” message.

The Sport NZ Community Resilience Fund opens Monday 11 May and will be administered through New Zealand’s 14 regional sports trusts. Eligible organisations can apply for a maximum of $1,000 for clubs and $40,000 for regional bodies.

More information on the new $25 million short-term relief package and Sport NZ’s wider response to COVID-19 is available on the Sport NZ website.

Any help needed to prepare applications please let IHNZ know.

Interactive Sessions:
These are continuing on a Monday and Wednesday and have been well received to date - we encourage you to join in from the link on either Facebook or your Club site for the times.

Note the timings have changed to the evenings due to Tara returning to work.

We will continue to update all clubs and members as information comes to hand and encourage you to email any questions or queries to We will endeavor to answer these as quickly as possible.

Rest assured we are doing everything possible to work toward the goal of endeavouring to have hockey to play in the foreseeable future.

Stay safe all,
IHNZ Board