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IHNZ Board

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IHNZ Board Members
Independent Advisor Paul Cameron
Chairperson Ivan Wood
Vice Chairperson TBA
Members of the Board Jendi Paterson (Queenstown)
Simon Lovell (Waihi)
Susan Kennedy (Wellington)
Mark Sutton (Auckland)

IHNZ Committees

Northern Region
Northern Region Chairman Janine Kolkman / Kathy Eastwood
Northern Region Secretary Sheree Anderson
Northern Region Treasurer Jenny Henry
Referee Panel Members Derek McLean, Michelle Wood
Regional Facilitators Kathy Eastwood
Disciplinary Tribunal Chairman Not yet appointed
Central Region
Central Region Chairman Russell Brunton
Central Region Vice Chairperson  
Central Region Secretary Eraina Harbour
Central Region Treasurer Julia Craig
Referee Panel Members Ed Kooijman, Alan Henderson
Selection Coordinator / Stats Rochelle Middleton (Selection Coordinator for Regionals)
Krys Beardman (Statistician)
Disciplinary Tribunal Chairman Russell Brunton
Lower North Region
Lower North Region Chairman Arden Phillips
Lower North Region Secretary Donna Pederson
Lower North Treasurer Therase Apatu
Coaching and Development  
Referee Panel Members David Allard
Disciplinary Tribunal Chairperson Jason Dombrowski
Southern Region
Southern Region Chairman Alethea Stove
Southern Region Vice Chairman  
Southern Region Sec / Tres Alvin Halliburton
Regional Facilitators  
Referee Panel Members  
Disciplinary Tribunal Chairman Alethea Stove
Other Committees
Referee Panel Chair  
Coaching Panel Chair Ivan Wood, Scott Collins, Bevan Varney
Super League Coordinator Pete Shields with Operations

Operations Team

NZIHA Operations
General Manager  
Team Members Alethea Stove, Pete Shields

General Enquiries

P O Box 14055,
Auckland 1741