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Anti-doping eLearning

Anti-doping eLearning

Posted April 05, 2022
Sport NZ Skate NZ

SkateNZ have been working with our Anti-doping Liaison Officer to promote education at our National events for the last few years. As part of this we have created a schedule for the stages we request for skaters, coaches and officials to complete, starting from basic information for young skaters and their parents, through to WADA course at the World Level.

As we hope to re-enter international events, we wanted to ensure that this information was provided in advance so there was time to complete the necessary courses before they were required.

There will be a space in the 2022/2023 registration form for skaters who have already completed DFSNZ (Drug Free Sport NZ) or WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) eLearning courses to upload these to your Sporty file.

DFSNZ eLearning courses can be found here.

Anti Doping Schedule.

Source: Leanne Burling, SkateNZ Secretary