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Matariki Series 2023 - Coming Soon!

Matariki Series 2023 - Coming Soon!

Posted July 05, 2023
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The second annual Inline Hockey New Zealand Matariki Series takes place in New Plymouth from July 14 – 16, 2023.

Each of the 8 teams representing a star of the Matariki cluster will play off during the weekend with an Exhibition game between Team Mission and Team Bauer to be held at 7pm Saturday evening.

The series will  be livestreamed with a link being forwarded to all IHNZ members via Game Day as well as Facebook.

IHNZ would like to take this opportunity to welcome back both Team Mission and Team Bauer from the heydays of the early 00’s and huge thanks to our sponsor Centre Ice for ensuring Team Mission and Team Bauer are once again part of our Inline Hockey community.

2023 Team Rosters:

Matariki Team 2023 - Waipuna-ā-Rangi

Matariki Team 2023 - Hiwa-i te-rangi

Matariki Team 2023 - Pōhutukawa

Matariki Team 2023 - Ururangi

Matariki Team 2023 - Tupu-ā-rangi

Matariki Team 2023 - Tupuānuku

Matariki Team 2023 - Waitā

Matariki Team 2023 - Waitī