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Nationals 2021 - Update 2/9/2021

Nationals 2021 - Update 2/9/2021

Posted September 02, 2021

Due to the Covid - 19 pandemic, last year’s 25th celebrations were held over to this year.

Whilst the best scenario is all grades are together to celebrate this, in reality with the latest announcements made by the government to put New Zealand into Level 3 from midnight 31 August and the Auckland region remaining at Level 4 for the next two weeks, time is rapidly running short to hold the event in its usual form again in 2021.

The Board have decided that the go/no go date for Nationals 2021 in its current format will be made after the governments Monday 13 September announcement. A board meeting will follow that evening in which a decision will be made dependent on the announcement and the current Covid restrictions placed upon us.

Nationals can only be held at Level 1 and Level 2 (with restrictions). If it is decided that Nationals 2021 cannot be held from 02 - 09 October 2021 then an alternate plan has been developed. To cancel the event for the second year in a row is hugely detrimental to the sport and our members.

So plan Hockey One, Covid None will then swing into action. This involves the splitting of the tournament into 3 smaller events to be held during late October into November. The purpose is to buy potentially another 3 - 6 weeks in which to hold our tournament, let alert levels move down and give everyone advance notice of the changes to amend plans and bookings.

Dates Grades
23 - 26 October 2021 (Labour Weekend) 10U/12U/14U/JW/Masters
5 - 7 November 16U/18U
12 - 14 November SW/SM/Prem/Exhibition Game
19 - 21 November 
Reserve Weekend A
Reserve Weekend B

The pandemic has placed restrictions on all of us and whilst we understand this may not be to everyone’s liking, we ask you to bear in mind that times have changed over the past 18 months and what was done in the past is no longer currently feasible.

This is the only format that can be used to ensure we have a 25th celebration and Nationals event for 2021. There has been a huge number of factors taken into consideration for the scheduling of dates so has not been done lightly. (Examination schedules, NCEA changes, MOH requirements etc etc).

We are advising now to give everyone the maximum time possible to make changes with the minimum of cost.

Next Steps:


  • Team Entries are to be in on the supplied entry form distributed to clubs by 5pm, 8th September
  • Team payments are due in full by 24th September
  • A draw will be developed once all team entries are in and tournament dates are confirmed
  • Gives clubs the opportunity to talk to providers regarding costs, fundraising, grants etc.


  • Review your plans to play
  • Those with accommodation bookings will need to advise providers to minimise any cancellation fees and to book new dates
  • Ferry, flight etc bookings will need to be replanned
  • Holiday leave requests amended.

Once finalised, the rules and requirements that go with this event will be distributed to all. This will include the draw, start and finish times, rules around hygiene requirements such as mask wearing, numbers in the building etc.

We, as are you all, look forward to holding an event this year and celebrating the 25th anniversary of Inline Hockey with our clubs and players.

As usual any queries please email

Stay safe all, look forward to seeing you all soon,
IHNZ Board