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NZ Coach Mag - May 2022

NZ Coach Mag - May 2022

Posted May 09, 2022
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From: NZ Coach Magazine

Making a meal of it

Those of you who consistently dip into Coach Mag will know most of the stories we share are bite-sized (i.e. small). However, occasionally, we feel the need to include something that captures the wonderful complexity of youth sport, and is therefore comprehensive (i.e. big!). ‘Just Let Them Play’ is one such story. You may want to think of it like a nice meal – take your time. Similarly, we occasionally find stories from a different context which we believe contain ideas that apply to Aotearoa’s youth sport environment. The youth voice story (‘Youth voice can be a game changer’), from Sport England, highlights an area of growing mahi for the Sport NZ sport development team. Enjoy!

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The Sport Development Team

‘Just Let Them Play’: Complex dynamics in youth sport, why it isn’t so simple
This ethnographic case study examines the long-term impact of youth sport coaching within tennis, using observations, field notes, and interviews as data sources.

Autonomy-Supportive Coaching
Motivation is one of the foundations of successful sport performance, and coaches play a critical role in developing or undermining this attribute in their athletes.​​​​​

Early or late specialisation? High-performance perspective
There are a lot of debates among sport scientists and coaches about the best way for developing high-class athletes. The main tendency in coaching is participation in sports and specialisation in a chosen one as early as possible.

Should I Allow My Child to Quit a Sports Team?
It’s not uncommon for kids to want to quit an activity. Whether it is a sports team, a musical instrument, or a club they’ve joined, sometimes they just don’t want to stick it out.

Norway’s radically different approach to sports helped it climb to the top of the Olympic podium
When the Winter Olympics start next month in Beijing, there will be plenty of upsets and surprises. But there’s one thing you can count on: The country most likely to top the medal standings won’t be the United States, Russia or Canada, it will be Norway – again. Note: Norway topped the medal table with 37 medals including 16 Gold.

Get over yourself
Ego. Why does it dominate coaching? Player Development Project Editor & academy coach, Dave Wright challenges the place of ego in coaching questioning where it comes from, the difficulty of removing it and accepting that as a coach, you may not have all the answers.

Is your child a sports star?
Identifying your child as a high achiever in PE and sport will help to make the most of their ability – but Andrew Shields cautions against believing that stardom beckons.

Youth voice can be a game changer
During #iwill week, our head of volunteering Kristen Natale lays out why we should be listening to the voices of young people and how it can have a positive impact on sport and physical participation levels.