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Sport Development Online Huis Follow Up

Sport Development Online Huis Follow Up

Posted August 07, 2022
Sport NZ

From: Sport NZ Newsletter
Craig MacFarlane
National Partnership Manager
Sport NZ

Here is some relevant information from the Sport Development team (of Sport NZ) from a recent forum held. The information and resources may be useful in assisting your understanding and application of the Balance is Better principles, along with the information regarding what other codes are doing in last week’s report.

Firstly, some high-level messages around using these documents and resources:

Context is king - we strongly encourage you to consider how these documents and resources are used in ways that best suit your community. This might mean translating/adapting the language and/or examples to resonate better with your communities.

Feel free to adapt/copy-edit-paste from the contents of these various documents and resources into your own communication channels (websites, email newsletters, social channels).

Sport Development Hui July 2022 - Slides

Documents and resources

Overview docs

 Balance is Better progress and evidence

Implementing Balance is Better
Please use these links when sharing with your community (it helps to support the growth of the Balance is Better website membership)

Direct access links

*Please note: The information within this document, Sport Parent Personas, is high-level and intended as a starting point to support thinking and development of strategies for engaging parents. We recognise that parents are diverse individuals with different motivations, experiences and needs and that one parent may sit across multiple personas. Ultimately, this document has been developed to support people who work with parents in youth sport setting.

Other useful reads


Keep up with the play campaign resources (posters, social tiles, etc)